Jason Whitlock: Removing Sterling Will Not Fix The Systemic Racism That Gave Birth To His Attitudes

by Jason Whitlock
ESPN Columnist

In our zeal to appear righteous or courageous or free of bigotry, a ratings-pleasing mob hell-bent on revenge turned Donald T. Sterling — a victim of privacy invasion and white supremacy — from villain to martyr.

In a society filled with impurities, the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers committed the crime of speaking impure thoughts in the privacy of a duplex he apparently provided for his mistress. And now an angry, agenda-fueled mob provoked NBA commissioner Adam Silver into handing Sterling a basketball death sentence.

Mob rule is dangerous. Well-intentioned, TV-baited mobs are the most dangerous. They do not consider the consequences of their actions, and they’re prone to take a simple-minded, instant-gratification approach to justice rather than a strategic one.

Removing Donald Sterling from the NBA solves nothing. It sets a precedent that will likely boomerang and harm the black players and coaches who are shocked and outraged that an 80-year-old man with a documented history of bigoted actions also has bigoted private thoughts.

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  • Andre Robertson

    This is not about “mob” rule or a ratings moment. What Sterling did was to damage the Clipper brand and indirectly damage the NBA brand. That can cost the league 100’s of millions of dollars in sponsorship and television revenue. Sterling’s actions extend far beyond basketball and are viewed around the world. The alternative could have been a massive boycott during the playoffs that could have potentially damaged the NBA brand for years to come.

  • Julia Caldwell

    In this discussion about racism as it continues and affects the lives of many people in this country, we must remember that God is the Creator of all. Bigotry was born through jealously for whatever reasons …being insecure with oneself does not give you the right to hate. Not much longer will this continue because these old views, as these old people will continue to drop like flies as we will be embraced with a new generation that love God and each other. It is my hope for the world … let’s all pray that it occurs.