Sermon Notes for #ResurrectionSunday 4.20.14: Pastor John Jenkins @jkjenkins “Overcoming Sinful Habits”

First Baptist Church of Glenarden
Pastor John K. Jenkins

“Overcoming Sinful Habits”
Jude 1:24-25

– Church is not a social club for the saints. It’s not a place where folks have it all together.
– God has made provisions for us to live our lives free of bondage.
– We can thank God that there are things you used to do that you are happy you never do. You are a changed person.
– In Jude, the church members were being taught they could do whatever they wanted.
– This culture does not know how to recognize when somebody is telling them something that is not true.

1. You have to have the right psyche.
– Stop valuing yourself on the basis of what others think about you.
– When a thought comes in your mind, did it come from God, the devil or you?

2. Power and presence.
– You need the power and presence of God in order to overcome sinful habits.
– We have to realize that God is with us always. We don’t come to church to meet God. We come here to collectively worship together.
– When you realize He is with you you may not do some of the things that you do. There is no room too dark that God can’t be in your presence.
– Every thought you entertain He sees it all.
– If He is always present He is here to help you.
– There is no temptation that He hasn’t equipped you to handle (Turn to Psalm 140).
– Every moment of every day I’m in God’s face.
– Prayer is a perpetual, constant lifestyle.
– To overcome sinful habit you must realize that you walk and talk daily with God.

Turn to Psalm 16:11m