Supporters Raise More Than $63,500 For Mom Who Left Kids In Car

Source: Michele Richinick / MSNBC

Americans have raised almost $64,000 (at the time of this report) for a 35-year-old homeless Arizona mother who left her infant and toddler in a hot car while participating in a job interview.

Police last week arrested Shanesha Taylor on child abuse charges after officers found her 2-year-old and 6-month-old children in a locked car, the Huffington Post reported. The engine was off and the windows were slightly cracked inside the vehicle, where they waited for at least 30 minutes.

Amanda Bishop, 24, consequently established an online fundraiser to assist the single mother with her legal expenses because, as she wrote on the website, she is also a struggling American like Taylor. More than 2,270 supporters had joined the platform and raised $63,793 as of Monday morning, despite criticism aimed at the campaign. The website notes a deadline of 31 days for raising funds.

“Thank you all so much for your donations and help. I too am struggling to keep my head above water and can relate to all your stories and offers. This is an experience I will truely (sic) cherish for the rest of my life,” Bishop wrote.

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  • Mike Mc Millian

    At least she was trying to do something. Does’nt that count? It would be different if she left her kids in a hot car while she sat drinking in a bar or laid up with some man,the woman was trying to find a job. Let’s not ‘Go Republican’ here…

    • schmak01

      I’m a fairly conservative guy, seeing this situation though isn’t a political line or a race line. It is a financial line. To a lot of people this may be horrifying, leaving kids in the car in Arizona?! Put yourself in her shoes for 5 minutes. She is homeless, trying to get a job, obviously is broke, so she can’t afford someone to watch the kids more or less leave the car running.

      Now she probably won’t get the job, has court fees and tickets, and is worse off than she was before.

      Everyone’s life isn’t rainbows and puppies. Some of us have been in situations where we were broke and had to make hard decisions. Was it a smart move? No, but what other options did she have?

  • samthor

    It’s clear to me that she was stuck between a rock and hard place and had to make a very difficult decision. There was no quick-fix or easy answer. Anyone trying to look down on her and pass judgement has never been in such a situation.

  • Cindy Rowe-Smith

    Part time job, and not homeless. If those babies ended up dead. would you all still rush to her side. No excuse for getting someone to watch them. If you have a par time job who’s watching them then? There is so much help out there, there’s no excuse. I don’t care what color you are child abuse is child abuse.

  • demo89

    Not a surprise how fast she blew through the money. Now she has nothing left.