Teen Charged With Hate Crime In Beating Of Driver

Source: AP / theGrio

DETROIT — A 16-year-old boy has been charged with assault and a hate crime in the beating of a man who was attacked after accidentally striking another boy with his pickup truck.

The black teen is charged as a juvenile. Others have been arrested in the beating of Steve Utash, but it’s the first ethnic intimidation charge in the case. Utash is white.

The Wayne County prosecutor’s office announced the charges Thursday. The 16-year-old will appear Saturday in Juvenile Court.

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  • Pat Hill

    Well deserve. Can’t think of anything that justify one person action as meaningful when the attack wasn’t provoke. I don’t know the whole details about this allege attack but when one is arrested and charge for attacking defenseless person; it leads to more damage control as far as mended a torn relationship among color lines. Nothing will stop racism if we can’t accept those for who they are and build trust among each other. If the world see it as black and white then what we it take for the world to see people as equal than one race dominance?