“Warning Shot” Bill Approved By Florida Lawmakers

Source: AP / CBS News

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – The Florida Senate on Thursday approved the so-called warning shot bill, moving to significantly revise the state’s self-defense laws for the first time since the shooting death of Florida teen Trayvon Martin.

The bill, which was partly inspired by the case of a Jasonville woman sentenced to 20 years in prison after firing a shot near her estranged husband during an altercation, passed the chamber 32-7. The woman, Marissa Alexander, is out on bail awaiting a new trial.

The bill, which earlier received backing from the Republican-controlled House, now goes to the desk of Republican Gov. Rick Scott.

Alexander had tried to assert a “stand your ground” defense, but a judge rejected her claim. She was sentenced under a 1999 law called “10-20-life” in which mandatory sentences are imposed for using a gun in certain cases.

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  • athsquare

    you think Florida is bad now??? just wait, white folks gonna be taking pot shots at blacks for chuckles now…. More black men dying and this time they used a black woman to assist in their craziness…

    • Phil Davis

      If we could get rid of Gov Reich Scott and his Tea Party Legislature in November things can get better.

  • Angela Judge

    While the passing of this bill may benefit Marissa Alexander on some levels, I believe that the only reason it was brought to the floor is because it will help a wealthy constituent in Sen. Simmons district who is serving currently serving a 20 year sentence for firing a warning shot in his home to ward off his daughter’s boyfriend who the father had advised the daughter to stop seeing and he had previously been forbidden to be on that family’s property. Not sure of all of the facts, but this amendment was offered to benefit someone else. Additionally, while this bill may benefit the Alexander case, there is at least one other bill (SB 1242) being considered that would keep her bound under the law.

  • Phil Davis

    Florida is the Center of Poor Judgement. Last week an 81 year old woman who lost control of her big car…killed three people on the street. He punishment was one year suspension of her D.L and a one thousand dollar fine. Later that day a 18 year old girl was sentenced to 2 years in prison for selling marijuana. Florida does NOT have a “justice system” …it has a court system.