Bad Birthday? Drug Mule Turns 90, Gets 3 Years In Prison

Source: Tresa Baldas / Detroit Free Press / USA Today

DETROIT — For convicted drug mule Leo Sharp, turning 90 on Monday turned out to be quite the letdown: he was sentenced to three years in federal prison on his birthday — and threatened to kill himself over the punishment.

Sharp, who spent his milestone birthday in federal court, urged the judge to keep him out of prison, saying he regrets his crime: hauling nearly $3 million worth of cocaine across the country for a Mexican drug cartel.

“I’m really heartbroken I did what I did. But it’s done,” Sharp said, stressing: “I won’t live in prison, I’m just going to end my life if I end up there.”

U.S. District Judge Nancy Edmunds said she couldn’t justify not sending Sharp to prison considering the seriousness of his crime: He was a courier for a massive drug ring that ran a cocaine pipeline between Mexico and Detroit for several years.

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