Black Unemployment Falls To Lowest Point During Obama Presidency

Source: Lauren Victoria Burke / Crew of 42

11.6% = The Lowest Black Unemployment Number Since President Obama Took Office (so far…)! At 11.6% Black unemployment has now hit the lowest number it has ever been since President Obama took office in 2009.  The April Black unemployment number is 11.6% according to the Department of Labor.  The number is 6.3% overall.  All that with zero help from the Republican party.

The overall unemployment rate fell to its lowest level since the worst part of the financial crisis in September 2008

When President Obama took office, the Black unemployment number was 12.7%,  The number hit a 28 year high in late 2011 with a stunning 16.7%  Youth unemployment remained at a whopping 36%.

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    where did you get these numbers out of michelles butt? no toad wants to work ever