ESPN Anchor Makes Reference To Donald Sterling ‘Owning’ Doc Rivers

Source: theGrio

Sometimes, you should just quit while you’re ahead. Or just stop talking.

ESPN anchor John Anderson was anchoring SportsCenter  Tuesday following Adam Silver’s announcement that the league was banning Clippers owner Donald Sterling for life. Before Tuesday night’s game against the Warriors, Clippers coach Doc Rivers made himself available to the media to answer questions about Sterling.

Once Rivers finished his time with the press,SportsCenter tossed back to Anderson at the desk. Anderson— trying to simply point out that Rivers was making his comments hours after the team’s owner had been banned — instead reference Sterling as River’s owner. Innocent enough.

Anderson didn’t mean anything by it. Instead of moving on and hoping he didn’t offend anyone watching, Anderson referenced his “poor choice of words,” and then couldn’t get Donald Sterling’s name correct.

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  • Bahahahahahaha….oops. I am sorry. It is bout to get comical at this point in the game. I am getting sleepy.