ESPN’s Jason Whitlock Explains Why Michael Sam’s Reality Show Is Bad For His Career


Today On the Tom Joyner Morning Show: Roland Martin talks to ESPN’s Jason Whitlock about newly drafted NFLer Michael Sam’s new docu-series on the Oprah Winfrey Network.

“I think that his priorities are clearly wrong. He comes from a difficult background and family situations and he’s being manipulated by his handlers,” Whitlock said.

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What do you think? As a rookie, should he just focus on football or should he capitalize on all the new-found attention?

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  • Dyce Dino

    What football. Everything about his homosexuality

  • Bible Way Temple Nation

    I’m Gay and you better not let me know that you don’t like it!
    The hypocrisy of the non tolerated not tolerating anyone that finds it hard to accept their lifestyle is troubling. Hey over here I’m gay and you better like me. Heck, my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 doesn’t have the word (Gay) in its spell check either! This is a new kind of bullying. I call it B.O. (Bully Out). Don’t let anyone BO you, it is OK not to like this lifestyle and still treat them with respect. But don’t be Bully Outed into liking other peoples choices.