GM Fined $35M For Safety Violations

Source: AP / CBS News

The U.S. Transportation Department announced Friday it is fining General Motors (GM) $35 million for safety issues stemming from its delayed recalls of 2.6 million cars due to faulty ignition switches.

This action represents the largest civil penalty ever paid as a result of a government investigation of violations stemming from its recalls. GM has signed a consent order, agreeing to pay the fines and submit to additional oversight, according to the Transportation Department.

In a press conference to announce the settlement, U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx said GM had “failed to meet their public safety obligations.” He also said the sanctions against the company serve as a warning to other automakers.

“Together these penalties should put all automakers on notice that there is no excuse and zero tolerance for failing to notify the federal government when a defect puts safety at risk,” Foxx said.

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