JASON WHITLOCK: Sterling’s Refreshing Transparency

by Jason Whitlock
ESPN Columnist

For those of us who prefer our billionaire bigots free of sheets and hoods and deceptive words, Donald Sterling’s Anderson Cooper interview was a rare treat.

The disgraced NBA owner made no real attempt to conceal his feelings of superiority. In his trial by combat, Sterling eschewed the help of counsel, both legal and public relations, and entered the ring alone. He left on a stretcher, unaware of the fatal self-inflicted wounds.

There is no defending Donald Sterling today. It can’t be done. Anderson Cooper and CNN did not trick a crazy old man. They did not bait him or secretly record him. According to Cooper, Sterling did not exhibit signs of dementia or lack of coherence. He was not an enraged, jealous lover.

He is a white supremacist making a final plea to a small council of men he believes sympathize with his plight.

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