Leslie Jones’ Slave Monologue On ‘SNL’ Sparks Backlash

Source: Carrie Healey / theGrio

A portion of Saturday Night Live‘s Weekend Update featuring Leslie Jones has generated backlash on social media.

During last night’s episode, the writer performed a monologue as an image expert, commenting onPeople naming Academy Award winning actress Lupita Nyong’o their most beautiful person.

She congratulated the actress, but what followed had Twitter abuzz.

The comedian mentioned she was currently single but that “back in the slave days, I woulda never been single.”

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  • Almost every black male comedian have done provocative slavey bits and routines…NONE of them were criticized….so why HER? or is this a comedian double standard. And Of course I had white people go off on things Jamie Foxx has said..because they think he is just an Actor…I remind them he is Just Robin Williams…a Comedian first…and Actor second.

    • Ice

      Now is the time when blacks have to stop stooping so low that’s why. They have been ignorant far too long. No black person should even think to joke around like this BECAUSE white supremacy still exists and are STILL slaves. Black men still have that slave mentality where they have multiple children by multiple women and vice versa. Blacks are the only people that downplay themselves. You rarely EVER hear other ethnicities downplaying themselves like this. Jews never joked about being thrown into gas chambers and being raped. It’s not funny. Black people are so deeply insecure and will say anything for a laugh to fit in that they are willing to ridicule their ancestors for what they went through. There’s never anything funny about that. Blacks are a lost people.

  • iam1erica

    But you’re still watching The Clippers in the playoffs, supporting a known racist. Ya’ll didn’t do anything about that…and you’re not going to do anything about this. – KEEP THE JOKES COMING….