Man Who Went To Prison 13 Years Late Ordered Released

Source: AP / CBS News

CHARLESTON, Mo. – A judge ruled Monday that a Missouri man who was sent to prison 13 years after his robbery conviction due to a clerical error should be immediately released, reports CBS affiliate KFVS.

Cornealious “Mike” Anderson, of St. Louis County, was convicted of robbery in 2000 and sentenced to 13 years but was never told when and where to report to prison. He spent the next 13 years turning his life around – getting married, raising three kids, learning a trade. He made no effort to conceal his identity or whereabouts. Anderson paid taxes and traffic tickets, renewed his driver’s license and registered his businesses.

Not until last year did the Missouri Department of Corrections discover the clerical error that kept him free and authorities went to his home and arrested him.

He has been imprisoned in the Southeast Correctional Center in Charleston, Mo. ever since. But on Monday, the 37-year-old Anderson appeared in court to fight for his freedom and Mississippi County Associate Circuit Judge Terry Lynn Brown ruled that keeping Anderson in prison would serve no purpose, reports KFVS.

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  • Kevin Wortham

    Just when you thought you lost all hope in the judicial process, this happens. Glad to see that he has another chance to move on with his life.

  • Kevin Wortham

    Just when you thought you lost all hope in the judicial process, this happens. Glad to see that he has another chance to move on with his life.

  • hiztory


  • BRobCleveland

    They always forget to mention that he even got married at the county courthouse. Glad he is free.

  • eclark

    Im happy to see someone has some sense.

  • WONDERFUL! Good news for a change. He learned the error of his ways. Nobody was killed, hurt or maimed. He turned his life around – without going to prison and he has a healthy, happy family to show for it.

  • Melika

    So happy to hear this news about the man who completely turned his life around for the better…put a big smile on my face!

  • Mikeyy425

    absolutely would serve no purpose. Jail is intended to be rehabilitation so they wont re-offend. He’s proven to be rehabilitated. Good call judge

  • DG

    Nice! Didn’t make sense to waste taxpayers dollars. And this is great that he turned his life around for the better. This could serve as an example for the judicial system in curbing inmate populations.

  • OhBoayeee

    Good stuff and nice that they let him go…. One thing though, for the judge to say it him go because it would serve no purpose to keep him in jail.?? I’m just saying that same sentiment can be said about hundreds, maybe even thousands who are locked away…. it would be cool to see other cases revisted, time shortened and prisoners released.

  • Carebare128

    So let me get this straight he committed a crime and now gets to get away with it still.

    • allylloyd

      WRONG—READ THE ARTICLE. He served 9 months in prison and then a judge released him!

    • Michael Crichton

      This often happens when government bureaucracy &*%#s up badly. This should give them incentive to stop &*%#ing up.

  • Basil Malik

    So thankful for this… just when I lost all hope in a justice system that has been historically so unjust to men of color.

  • ♪Ms_Izzy♪

    I’m happy to have read this; this man made a poor decision but turned his life around. Thank you judge! He has shown that he can be an upstanding citizen. We all deserve second chances…..let the punishment fit the crime and he didn’t make the clerical mistake.