MEDIAITE: The Pope’s X-Rated Twitter Typo Elicits Some Pretty Horrible Responses

Source: Andrew Kirell  / Mediaite

So… when the average joe accidentally makes an x-rated Twitter typo, nary a peep from the internet. But when someone as important as Pope Francis makes one, the internet cesspool trolls emerge in droves.

On Wednesday afternoon, the Pope sent out a calls for prayers for the 200+ miners who died in a Turkish coal mine and the 14+ dead in a Mediterranean shipwreck. But it had one little typo [UPDATE: Tweet now deleted, screengrab added]:

Okay, so he said “spray” instead of “pray,” an accidentally x-rated remark, if your mind is constantly in the gutter. Some of Twitter’s more trollish folks came out of the swamps to capitalize on the sexual connota– HOLY CRAP there are so many people tweeting awfully vulgar stuff at the Pope right now:

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