Concha: Michael Sam’s Reality Show Could Help End NFL Career Before It Starts

by Joe Concha
Mediaite Columnist

Michael Sam is an historic figure.

In being the first openly gay player drafted by the NFL, Mr. Sam has endured the most scrutiny and discussion of any 7th-round pick, perhaps any pick, in the history of the game. Before being drafted, in interviews and even a Visa commercial, the 24-year-old has stressed the same theme: “Judge me for what I do on the field.”

Along those lines, a particular quote sticks out when reading Sam’s Sports Illustrated interview after he first came out earlier this year:

“You know, people — the media, of course — are going to make a big deal out of it. It is a big deal, but, you know, I’m just — I have a job to do. My job is to try and play in the NFL. Nothing else.”

Problem is… Sam’s decision to allow Oprah Winfrey‘s OWN network to do a reality show on him flies in the face of everything Sam has said in terms of the way the public should view him. If it’s only about playing in the NFL and nothing else, that nothing else of cameras following his every move just made his chances of actually making the St. Louis Rams roster considerably more difficult.

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