Nigerians Blame Government For Kidnapped Girls

Source: Ameen Auwalii and Jad Salfiti / USA Today

ABUJA, Nigeria — Nigerian officials are stepping up action on hundreds of missing school girls kidnapped by terrorists in mid-April following the offer of U.S. assistance and increasing pressure by outraged locals – who say they still are not moving fast enough.

“People from northeast live in in a region full of anarchy — we have been killed, our children raped and kidnapped but the government is doing nothing about it,” said Samson Iyke, a resident of Borno, the remote northern region where the girls were kidnapped.

“It’s politics from the look of things because the government seems not to care about the plight of people from northern Nigeria,” he added. “We have been forgotten, left unprotected simply because we belong to another political party.”

On Tuesday, the United States offered law enforcement and military assistance to help the search for the missing 276 girls kidnapped by Islamic terror group, Boko Haram, and held for three weeks in a remote region in the north of the country. Since then, 53 of those girls have escaped.

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