Rev. Jesse Jackson Warns Nigerian Kidnappings Are Just A Beginning

Source: theGrio

The Reverend Jesse Jackson, head of the Rainbow Push Coalition, held a news conference to demand international mobilization to find hundreds of Nigerian girls kidnapped by extremists who plan to sell the women into marriage and slavery. He warns that the kidnappings point to greater risks to American interests to come.

Jackson warned that a growing population of young men is being developed into the next generation of terrorists. He told a press gathering in Chicago that African terrorism threatens to envelop the entire region, with Chad, Kenya and Nigeria potentially being destabilized. “We tend to put Africa on the back burner until it reaches crisis level. We’ve dismissed violence in the Congo, Rwanda, Kenya and now Nigeria.” He went on to say,”This affects Americans in a very direct way.” And he said he fears that as of today, the pace in recovering the girls and dealing with the terrorist group has been dangerously slow:

276 girls were taken three weeks ago and are still missing. At least two have died of snakebites, and about 20 others are ill, according to an intermediary who is in touch with their captors.

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