Roland Riffs On TV One, Not Getting A CNN Show And Wanting Some Scandal Love From Shonda Rhimes

Source: Rodney Ho / Access Atlanta

Roland Martin, on the payroll at Atlanta-based CNN as a pundit for six years until last year, never got his own show on the network, which he found naturally frustrating. (He was in Atlanta recently for a forum about education held at the Georgia Aquarium and I spent some time talking with him.)

“We always talked about that,” Martin said. “I have a strong point of view. I’m not going to come from the usual BS. I’m a strongly religious person who grew up in a family with a mom and dad who went to church. All of us kids went to public school. We didn’t have a lot of money. We busted our butts to make our way through college. I still believe in the importance of family.”

He thinks if Joel Cheatwood, who ran CNN Headline News (now HLN) until 2007, had stuck around, he might have gotten a show on  HLN. When Glenn Beck left HLN for Fox news in 2008, Martin lobbied for that slot but didn’t get it.

Martin felt he was more suited for HLN because they were more open about allowing talk show hosts to express their opinion. When he filled in for CNN’s Campbell Brown while she was having a child on CNN, he was told explicitly to keep his thoughts to himself.

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