Stephen A. Smith: What Makes Steve Kerr So Special?

Source: Stephen A. Smith / ESPN

No one should have a problem with Steve Kerr being a leading candidate for “a” coaching job.

He’s a five-time champion. He’s been groomed by champions. He’s a former executive and a respected basketball mind who is far from the first individual with no coaching experience whatsoever to be on the verge of landing a head-coaching gig.

But that would be “a” job. As in one job. Not two jobs. Or three. Or four, depending on what reports you believe. For any individual with Kerr’s lack of experience to have that many opportunities laid at their doorstep, it begs the question: “What the hell has Steve Kerr done to deserve multiple dabs at the cookie jar?”

Feel free to provide an answer to this question, folks.

Take your time. I’ll wait.

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  • oldpro

    White American Born NBA players with some accomplishment(no star for sure) are like Audie Murphy or Sargent York. They are so rare they usually get super model girlfriends, huge contracts(which they are resented for) and all announcing jobs. That is why many successful teams (esp Spurs but also Wizards, Wolves get white non USA born players who play well, fit in and dont make waves(Gortat, Bellinelli, Ginobili, Splitter, Peckovic etc.)