1000 Women Sign Letter Asking For Inclusion In My Brother’s Keeper


Roland Martin talked with Politic365.com’s Lauren Victoria Burke about a letter singed by 1000 women asking for inclusion in President Barack Obama’s My Brother’s Keeper initiative.

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  • 1_teamJalen3

    I give 1000 claps to Roland Martin in the way he responded to the 1000 women who signed a letter asking for inclusion in My Brothers Keeper. I could not have said it better! I’m 65 years old and I’ve been hearing how our black young boys are in jeopardy since I was a teen, and look at the state our young men are in now compared to the young women! Every time a program gets started to assist our young men, people (women) start hollering about including everybody, and we know once women get off into it, the objective is no longer the men, and they got lost in the shuffle! I need our Black women to start uplifting these programs to help our young men! I;m almost beginning to believe it is some kind of plot to further keep our young men down, because we can’t just focus on them without an uproar! We need to keep our young men out of prison, we need more young men graduating, we need more young men with jobs, and less of them being put in the graves!