‘JET’ Magazine’s Final Print Issue Hits Stands Monday

Source:  Lilly Workneh / theGrio

JET magazine is shifting gears and has decided to transition to digital publishing, marking an end to an era as the last print issue hits stands on Monday (June 9).

Last month, the 63-year-old magazine announced that it will be ending all print publications and instead will shift to an all-digital format.

The magazine’s last print issue celebrates the publication’s most iconic covers since it was founded in 1951 as the only text visible reads: “An American Icon.”

“This is is something that we have been thinking about doing for a long time,” Cheryl  Mayberry McKissack, COO of Johnson Publishing, previously told theGrio. “We really felt that [our readers] were looking for something that would be able to meet their needs more frequently.”

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  • Phyllis Covington

    The difference between Jet in it’s heyday and the present is that Jet had become more of an entertainment hip-hop magazine instead of emphasis on the news. As a youngster every black household had a collection of Jet’s on the coffee table. Jet let you know what was happening. With that news you got thought-provoking articles and updates on the African-American struggle of civil rights. I stop reading Jet because I no longer identified with what was being written and I could read it less than 10 minutes. Go to this link: http://books.google.com/books?id=F8EDAAAAMBAJ&dq=jet&source=gbs_all_issues_r&cad=2_2&atm_aiy=1950#all_issues_anchor
    And read the old Jet’s, it is like history unfolding in front of you in realtime.