Kevin Hart Wants To Help End ‘Black Movies’

Source: Tony Hicks / San Jose Mercury News

Kevin Hart wants to change the idea that there are “black” movies.

“I think that’s where the Kevin Hart Effect comes in,” the 33-year-old actor/comedian says, laughing. “I feel like, right now, my audience is very much on both sides.”

On one hand, “The support I get from black people is amazing,” something he says has been true since his early days as a stand-up comedian. “But once the crossover effects happens and other people are aware of you, (success) becomes about great material.”

Hart was in San Francisco promoting his latest film, “Think Like a Man Too,” the sequel to the 2012 surprise hit “Think Like a Man.” Unlike so many of his characters — loud and armed to the teeth with quips and comebacks — Hart is surprisingly engaging, warm and even serious when it comes to his career and how his movies are perceived.

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  • Yolanda Hinton

    It should always been about great material…those black movies got u the cross over…now its not about black movies…wow how crossover change u….wow

  • Yolanda Hinton

    There it is again comparing what we do to what whites do…thts the issues now…we’re not supposed to do everything they do….they r not God…stop making them the rule