Record Cutbacks At Social Security As Retirement Claims Surge

Source: Jake Miller / CBS News

As the gradual retirement of the Baby Boomers foists more people onto its rolls than ever before, the Social Security Administration (SSA) has been reducing services and shuttering field offices at a record clip, according to a report released Wednesday by a bipartisan Senate committee.

The SSA has closed 64 field offices since 2010, including over two-dozen in just the last year, marking the largest five-year decline in service locations in the agency’s history, the Senate Special Committee on Aging notes. It has also reduced a number of in-person services, trying to shift seniors and other beneficiaries into an online system, and it has cut roughly 11,000 workers from its payroll in the last three years.

As a result of these closures, the report says, “communities are too often left without the resources they need.”

Too often, the SSA’s closure procedures exclude “both its own managers and the affected public,” the report says. The administration “rarely surveyed what would happen to a community if an office closed there and failed to detail any remaining or transition services that would be available.”

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