ROLAND S. MARTIN: Black Voters’ New Path To Power

by Roland S. Martin
Editor-in-Chief of
Host and Managing Editor of NewsOne Now

The Republican primary in Mississippi was won by the candidate with black support because African-American voters were smart enough to intervene. They should do every time.

Conventional wisdom says black voters are the most reliable Democratic voting blocs in American politics. But Tuesday’s election results in the U.S. Senate race in Mississippi prove to many what I’ve always understood about African Americans: They are some of the smartest voters when it comes to their interests.Incumbent Sen. Thad Cochran is being hailed as a smart, albeit desperate politician, for reaching across the aisle to pursue traditionally black Democratic voters to hold off a furious campaign by Tea Partier state Sen. Chris McDaniel.McDaniel, who blasted Cochran as not being conservative enough, had to endure flak early in the campaign for racially insensitive remarks made years ago. His far right-wing vision for America—and Mississippi—scared to death the Republican establishment. And black folks!

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