Status Update: Facebook Not So Diverse

Source: Jessica Guynn / USA Today

SAN FRANCISCO – Facebook, the world’s most popular social network, for the first time released statistics on the makeup of its workforce that do not reflect the demographics of its users around the globe.

The lopsided numbers are just the latest from a major Silicon Valley company to paint a stark picture of an industry sector dominated by white men and are sure to escalate an already heated debate over the lack of diversity in the tech industry.

Nearly 70% of Facebook employees are men and 57% are white. Asians make up 34% of employees.

But Hispanics represent just 4% and African Americans are just 2% of Facebook’s workforce.

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  • tyrone321

    This “IS NOT” news nor should anyone be surprise….The majority AKA “WHITE PEOPLE” have always help the majority by belittling and dismissing the minorities!!!