Allen West On Question About Obama Being Muslim: He Has ‘Eastern Orientation’

Source: Josh Feldman / Mediaite

Former Congressman Allen West spoke recently at a Republican Women’s Club event in Florida and got a question from someone who said, “I personally believe that Obama is a Muslim.” And in an exchange flagged by Media Matters, West gave an odd response, saying that President Obama “has an Eastern orientation.” West did say the question of the president’s religion was irrelevant to him, and didn’t exactly dismiss the allegation.

West said that Obama has been “fundamentally transforming America” because of the worldview he’s been shaped by over the past few decades. And so, he said, “The president has an Eastern orientation, I’ll put it that way.”

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  • Michael Jay

    He’s not only not a Muslim whereas his dad was. His dad left him at a very early age! He was raised by whites plain and simple and by College he begn questioning who he was and Muslim never entered the picture! West shoould know that but then he doesnt want to loose his standing in the Right community!