Canadians Help With Shutoffs, Bring 1,000 Liters Of Water To Detroit


Source: Robert Allen / Detroit Free Press

Detroiters without running water have a special delivery coming Thursday from Canada, if it can get past the border guards.

Eight cars, adorned with Canadian flags, will be loaded with 1,000 liters (about 264 gallons) of Canadian tap water in a convoy through the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel, said Sujata Dey of the Council of Canadians.

“We needed to show solidarity with our neighbors,” she said. “How could we not do something for them?”

The City of Detroit, in a ramped-up effort, shut off thousands of residential taps in the past few months because the bankrupt city is owed tens of millions of dollars in overdue bills. The shutoffs were put on a 15-day hold Monday, to give people a chance to pay up or demonstrate why they can’t pay their bills.

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