NYPD Internal Memo Says Chokehold Victim Was Not ‘In Great Distress’

Source: Inae Oh / The Huffington Post

An internal NYPD report obtained by the New York Daily News that was prepared soon after the death of Eric Garner — the Staten Island man who died of an apparent chokehold while under arrest last week — states he never appeared to be in “great distress” and fails to mention the chokehold at all.

One officer, Sgt. Kizzy Adonis, said Garner’s condition “did not seem serious and that he did not appear to get worse.”

The memo’s details fly in direct contrast with video recordings of the incident clearly showing Garner shouting at the arresting officers, “I can’t breathe! Get off of me!” multiple times.

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  • tbetter1

    The video clearly shows this man was under distress and died as a result of a police choke hold. They will certainly find a way to cover this murder up! Dirty cops!

    • monkeyboy

      no… if the tub of fat would have obeyed the cop hed be living today it wasnt the cops fault you people are so stupid and think laws dont apply to you well see what it got tubby

      • Dominic

        actually it is the cop’s fault, one in particular. However, they all played a role in the events leading to the cardiac arrest. The cop that used a choke hold, which isn’t prohibited, including the other cop barreling down on the man with the weight. These were things the officers were trained not to do because of the intentional risk of death.

        The cops never identified themselves and threw out accusation without much merit. The deceased man had rights, however they never read him his rights even. You can’t arrest someone cause you feel like it, or you think he did something.

        He supposedly was selling cigarettes that’s the claim that hasn’t really been elaborated on, and it’s pretty frivolous. In the beginning stages of this incident, they were talking and the man said leave me alone, that’s when the scrawny officer grabbed at him, he yells get off me. They never identify themselves. Then the rest ensued with a chokehold from behind.

        I do agree the man should have calmed down, but cops don’t need to take it to that level either.

  • Paul Gripper

    SMFH….. OWN IT..