Why ‘Moral Mondays’ Matter: Fulfulling The Jesse Jackson-Rainbow Coalition Legacy

By Roland S. Martin
Editor-in-Chief RolandMartinReports.com
Host and Managing Editor of NewsOne Now

When Dr. William Barber, head of the North Carolina State Conference of the NAACP, attended a recent July 4th parade in the Tar Heel State, he experienced something that almost blew him away.

For the past 64 weeks, Barber has led a civil disobedience campaign called “Moral Monday,” which has highlighted efforts by Republicans in the state to enact voter suppression laws, refusals to expand Medicaid, and slash education and other areas of the state budget.

But what initially began as a mostly black effort has expanded to include whites, liberals, conservatives, police officers, and teachers, a movement Barber has called “fusion politics.”

So what happened at the parade, Barber told me at the recent NAACP convention in Las Vegas, what that a white man carrying a Confederate flag approached Barber with tears in his eyes and said: “Thank you for fighting for our hospital.”

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