Mayor Of Baltimore Enforces Curfew For Kids Under 17 — Do You Agr


Today On the Tom Joyner Morning Show:  Roland Martin talks to Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake about the city of Baltimore’s curfew to keep their kids safe. Her decisison however, has been met with much criticism from various groups around the city.

“The curfew has been in place fore more than 20 years. What we did was updated the curfew law, took away the penalty of jail. It’s a different curfew in the summer and the school year. It is very similar to what we’ve been enforcing,” she says.

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  • Hotspaghetti

    I wonder what could possibly go wrong?

  • thomasbone63

    The curfew is a great idea that should become a national idea. After 11pm, whats out there in the streets for kids anyway?