Ray Allen’s Florida Home Get’s Broke In, Cops Call It A Prank


Roland Martin talks to sports analyst Newy Scruggs about the unbelievable story around the home invasion of Ray Allen. The Miami Heat player wife, Shannon, awoke last week in the middle of the night to find seven teenagers between 18 and 19 years old wandering around her Coral Gables, Florida home. Initially, Coral Gables police, citing Florida law, dismissed it as a prank and said they could not arrest the teenagers.

“They’ve messed with the wrong guy. He’s not going to take this laying down. How do the police know it was a prank? It’s going to be interesting how they’re going to spin this,” Scruggs said.

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  • New Here

    “………home get’s broke in.”? Wow!! English is a second language for me, but even I know that’s bad grammar!