Roland Martin, KMOV-TV’s Brittany Novell Discuss Death Of Mike Brown, Riots In Missouri


Today On the Tom Joyner Morning Show:  Roland Martin talks to Brittany Novell of KMOV-TV about the killing of Mike Brown, the unarmed Missouri teen who was shot down by the police over the weekend. Brown was supposed to stat college on Monday won’t make it there. Instead, his family is planning his funeral after he was shot by police in Ferguson, MO, a suburb of St. Louis.

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  • June Rochelle

    I normally don’t respond to things like this but today I will. Even IF the video in question is Mike Brown, and he allegedly stole the cigars or was accused of such and he put his hands on the clerk as it “appears”, in a strong arm theft, is the court of law on the street, is the jury the police officer and is the sentence the officers gun? The CLERK had more of a right to shoot Mike Brown dead than the police officer if the convenient scenario is true. The clerk had a right to fear for his life. Mike Brown’s life or any other black male or female youth or young adult, is not equivalent to the cigars he “allegedly stole.” It is almost like in times past, if you look the wrong way at the wrong person, a tree is waiting to hang you high. Paint Mike Brown in the same light as the nut who murdered all those people in a Colorado dark theater, as “troubled and misguided” but in the midst of the police showing up and seeing a “non threatening nut” who happened to have just committed a carnage, his life was spared and worth more than the lives he stole, worth more than a box of cigars and that nut was armed with automatic assault weapons he lives and we pay. He will get psychiatric treatment, many trials, and more because his life is valuable due to gender and race. They also go to work, graduate, get married and live productive lives like everyone else. Yes the black community has problems but they steal and kill no more than any other race, it is just publicized more because who wants to air the family dirty laundry vs. airing the neighbors? IF eye witness accounts are true and valid, you don’t gun down an unarmed individual running and or surrendering after a theft. United we stand, divided we fall like clockwork. Death is not the answer to everything only God determines what death is the answer to…

    • awesome

      Well said.