Uncle Ro Ro Daddy Hates Rudeness!


by Roland S. Martin
Editor-in-Chief RolandMartinReports.com
Host and Managing Editor of NewsOne Now

When my twin nieces, Rachel and Raquel, were 1½ years old, I had to teach them a lesson that not being thankful will get you in trouble.

Both of them wanted some teething cookies, so I gave each one. Rachel promptly said, “Thank you Uncle Ro Ro Daddy!” (I’m their uncle and godfather, but since they were living with me and my wife at the time, they decided to add daddy on the end).

Raquel got her cookie and gave me a blank look.

Now she heard her sister say thank you; she had previously said thank you. But today, she decided to be obstinate. I asked her politely. Nothing.

“Raquel, what do you say?” I said over and over and over.


Sensing her twin was about to get in trouble, Rachel started saying over and over, “Thank you Uncle Ro Ro Daddy! Thank you Uncle Ro Ro Daddy! Thank you Uncle Ro Ro Daddy!”

Finally, after about the tenth time, I had enough and promptly took the cookie from Raquel and went on about my business.

Call me a harsh Uncle Ro Ro Daddy, but if children aren’t taught to be courteous and thankful at a young age, they will be rude and callous as an adult.

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