Attorneys For Former Charlotte Mayor Patrick Cannon Want Psychiatrist To Testify At Sentencing

Source: Michael Gordon / Charlotte Observer

The defense team for former Charlotte Mayor Patrick Cannon wants to delay his sentencing so a New York psychiatrist can testify in Cannon’s behalf.

In a motion this week, Charlotte attorneys James Ferguson and Henderson Hill asked a federal judge to move Cannon’s sentencing from Sept. 25 to Oct. 13 so certain character witnesses can attend.

In response, U.S. District Judge Frank Whitney of Charlotte wanted to know who the witnesses are, what they intend to say and why they can’t make the September date.

The defense filed its reply Tuesday afternoon, identifying Richard G. Dudley as a witness it hopes to call. Dudley, a veteran New York City psychiatrist, has experience testifying in trials and has written on the importance of making accurate mental assessments in death penalty cases. It’s unclear what he plans to say about Cannon. 

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