NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: NFL Social Responsibility Panel Rebuked For Lack Of Diversity


The NFL’s most recent move to quiet its critics has lead to another controversy. The league announced it had hired four women to head up their social responsibility team. The selection of the team, currently comprised of four white women, has caused many in the African-American community to become even more outraged at how the NFL is handling the domestic violence scandal and the lack of diversity within their corporate offices.

Domestic violence activist; Sil Lai Abrams, ESPN’s Kevin Blackistone,  Professor David L. Banks and “NewsOne Now” host Roland Martin, discussed the NFL’s latest fumble in trying to clean up the domestic violence scandal that has engulfed the league.

This is National Child Passenger Safety Week and  Dr. Victor Garcia and Toyota teamed up for the Buckle Up For Safety program. Dr. Garcia, Founding Director of Trauma Services at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, explains  the importance of strapping our children into their car seats.  Jeff Fortson ( appeared on “NewsOne Now” to detail which vehicles are the safest for our families.

Author and minister Deborah Smith Simpkins appeared on “NewsOne Now” to talk about her novel “Ministers with White Collars and Black Secrets.”

All that and more in this special edition of the NewsOne Now Audio Podcast.