Pres. Obama To Pledge No Ground Troops In Plan To ‘Destroy’ ISIS

Source: NBC News

President Barack Obama on Wednesday will announce that the United States will lead “a broad coalition” to defeat Islamic terrorists in Iraq and Syria, while also cautioning that the effort will be different from recent American-led wars in the Middle East, according to excerpts of the speech released by the White House.

The president will make clear in the prime-time address that America’s objective is to “degrade, and ultimately destroy” the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, and that the U.S. will not be acting alone.

“So tonight, with a new Iraqi government in place, and following consultations with allies abroad and Congress at home, I can announce that America will lead a broad coalition to roll back this terrorist threat. Our objective is clear: we will degrade, and ultimately destroy, ISIL through a comprehensive and sustained counter-terrorism strategy.”

He will also caution war-weary Americans that the U.S. will not be engaging in anything similar to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and no American troops will be deployed on the ground to combat the extremists.

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