NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: Are Dems Making A BIG Mistake Running Away From Pres. Obama


Many Democrats up for election this year are running away from President Barack Obama and are desperate for Black votes. In other instances, Democrats and Republicans are invoking race in their campaign ads to attract the Black vote. Who should African American voters support, the political party which seems to take the Black vote for granted or the party that ignores us?

NewsOne Now” host, Roland Martin, Clarence Page, Joia Jefferson Nuri and Cleo Manago discuss the political landscape leading up to next week’s elections and if Democrats have done enough to mobilize the Black vote on election day.

Clarence Page, columnist and editorial writer for the Chicago Tribune, joined Roland Martin on “NewsOne Now” to talk about his new book, “Culture Worrier: Reflections on Race, Politics and Social Change.”

Page’s new book “Culture Worrier” is a compilation of select columns and editorials written between 1984 and 2014 that highlights Page’s unique perspective on the African American community.

From “Culture Worrier:”

Pulitzer Prize winner Clarence Page is one of the most nationally recognized and highly regarded syndicated columnists in the country, and his newest book, Culture Worrier: Selected Columns 1984–2014, commemorates the 30th anniversary of his column’s first appearance in the Chicago Tribune. It is the first such collection of his columns, and a long overdue archive of his best work, covering topics such as politics, social issues, pop culture, race, family, new media, prominent figures, as well as his own personal life.

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