NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: Is There Power In Your Vote?


The midterm elections are just two weeks away and the stakes in this years political battle royal are high. There is just one problem, Americans, especially African Americans don’t seem to be geared up to go to the polls. Are you excited to cast your ballot on election day or have you decided not to vote and are not ashamed to say it. Guest host Jeff Johnson takes your calls during the radio portion of “NewsOne Now.”

Police investigating the slayings of seven women whose bodies were found in northwest Indiana over the weekend said Monday they believe it is the work of a serial killer, and that the suspect has indicated there could be more victims going back 20 years.

Follow NewsOne’s coverage of the Northwest Indiana serial murders

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown joined guest host Jeff Johnson on “NewsOne Now” to discuss the Northwest Indiana  killings, the profile of a Black serial killer and the case of convicted sex offender, Darren Deon Vann of Gary, Indiana. Vann confessed to killing Afrikka Hardy and has hinted at there being more victims. Listen to their entire conversation below.

The United States Supreme Court upheld Texas’ voter ID law. As a result of the ruling, 600,000 registered voters, mostly Black and Hispanic, may be disenfranchised because they lack the proper form(s) of identification.

NewsOne Now” guest host Johnson and the Straight Talk panel (George Curry, Francesca Chambers and  Joseph Williams) take a look at the Supreme Court’s ruling and the potential impact it will have on the midterm elections which is just two weeks away.

Financial guru Deborah Owens joined Johnson, guest host of “NewsOne Now,” to share her tips for investing during volatile times and in an uncertain market.

Singer, songwriter and producer, Mali Music, joined Johnson in the studio to talk about making the move from an indie to a major label, the twist he’s putting on gospel music and his current album “Mali Is…”

All that and more in this special edition of the NewsOne Now Audio Podcast.