NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: Moors, Black Folks And Renaissance Festivals


What’s up with renaissance festivals? Do African Americans go to them? Roland Martin and “NewsOne Now” Audio Op, Tim Canalichio, have an interesting conversation about renaissance festivals that you don’t want to miss.

Be fruitful and multiply? Some guys are getting it all wrong. This weekend Iyanla Vanzant’s “Fix My Life” confronts six men with a total of 87 children from a total of 50 different women. Martin takes your calls on this topic during the radio portion of “NewsOne Now.”

Martin and “NewsOne Now” breakdown the latest developments in the fight against the Ebola virus in the United States and around the globe. More than 100 have been quarantined in Dallas, Texas after a man who travel from Liberia to the United States tested positive for the disease. Individuals who may have come in contact with Thomas Eric Duncan during his travels from Liberia to the United States are being informed about their possible exposure to the Ebola.

On Friday, Dr. Brad Spellberg, Chief Medical Officer at the University of Southern California spoke with Martin and the “NewsOne Now” Straight Talk panel (Francesca Chambers, Jeff Johnson and Avis Jones-DeWeever) about the United States ability to confront the deadly Ebola virus.

AFL-CIO Chief Economist William Spriggs, Francesca Chambers, Jeff Johnson and Avis Jones-DeWeever appeared on “NewsOne Now” to breakdown the latest unemployment numbers. In September, the overall unemployment rate fell to 5.9%, a six-year low. Unemployment for African Americans still remains in double digit numbers at 11%.

Jasmine Simpkins and HipHollywood take a behind the scenes look at the Jimi Hendrix biopic starring Outkast’s Andre 3000.

“Jimi: All Is By My Side,” written and directed by John Ridley, premiered in theaters Sept. 26th, 2014. The film looks at Hendrix’s life between the years of 1966 and 1967 during the time he was making his mark on the London music scene and ultimately becoming rock legend.

All that and more in this special edition of the NewsOne Now Audio Podcast.

  • Shani

    Greetings! Tim actually interviewed me and my friends at Maryland Renaissance Festival. I have no clue if the footage was used because I personally was DRUNK off that double mead so I know I didn’t make much sense lol!

    I am African American and have been attending the “Ren faire” every year for 20 years. I started out going with my Irish American childhood friend and his mom and then with my own mother on our own. I have worked as a food vendor and an actual performer at the festival. I try to dress up in costume most times that I attend and since I started going as a child never thought it was weird or un-black – it was just a fun part of my life. Through the years I have noticed many black people attending and even dressing up in costumes as well. So its easy to come and not feel out of place. There are so many things to eat see and do with many talent musicians, actors, acobats, swordsman and jugglers. One of the stage performers is a black man who plays a character named Dinty the Moor. He is a must see and a definite nod to the black presence during this time period. Fun Fact : Did you know that Lisbon, Portugal had the largest black population in Renaissance Europe and yes it was more than two people!