NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: Should The Internet Be Open And Free For All?


 President Barack Obama outlined his suggestions to maintain an open internet. Roland Martin and “NewsOne Now” take a look at how creating fast lanes on the world wide web and restricting certain types of content may impact the African American community.

Megan Smith, U.S. Chief Technology Officer (CTO), joined Martin on “NewsOne Now” via phone to discuss the Obama Administrations stance on net neutrality. Smith told Martin, President Barack Obama wants to make sure the Internet is kept as it was designed: open and free to all. She also stated Mr. Obama supports reclassifying the Internet Service Providers to be a public utility like electric, gas & phone companies.

Kim Keenan, President/CEO of the Minority Media and Telecommunications Council and Rashad Robinson, Executive Director of Color of Change also joined Martin on “NewsOne Now” to debate the issue of net neutrality.

Robinson, a supporter of net neutrality said big telecommunications companies like Verizon, Comcast and TimeWarner Cable have argued that, “… they should be able to decide what content goes and which content doesn’t.” He also said, “an open internet is going to be key for Black people and oppressed people all around this country, all around the world to be able to win the type of David and Goliath fights that big corporations don’t want us to.

Keenan, who does not support net neutrality said the fight should not be over if the world wide web should be open. We should focus on how implement an open internet. She told Martin the internet should not be considered a public utility at this time because we still need to invest in the internet and innovate the medium.

On Tuesday, Ambassador Andrew Young joined Roland Martin on “NewsOne Now” via phone from the site of the Global Leadership Forum to reflect on the life of Dr. Myles Munroe.

Ambassador Young told Martin that it is difficult and at the same time not difficult to go on with the Global Leadership Forum after the death of his friend Dr. Munroe. Young said, “There is shock and sadness” as a result of the accident. “You can kill a man,” Young continued, “but you can’t kill a mission and I think the conference is carrying on because it was his mission to carry on.

“There can be no success without successors and he (Dr. Myles Munroe) has been teaching that for years. So the people here feel like they have no choice but to carry on his work.”

Defense Attorney Robbin Shipp, co-author of the recently released book, “Justice While Black: Helping African-American Families Navigate and Survive the Criminal Justice System,” joined Roland Martin on “NewsOne Now” to discuss what to do if stopped by the police.

Shipp said that we as African Americans “…  often give up our constitutional rights when we’re stopped by the police. We give them the ability to search our vehicle. We tell them information about our whereabouts that we’re not obligated to tell.”

Shipp co-authored the book with Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist  Nick Chiles, the New York Times bestselling author who also co-authored Rev. Al Sharpton’s memoir, “The Rejected Stone: Al Sharpton and the Path To American Leadership.”

Kim Coles joined Roland Martin on “NewsOne Now” to talk about the premiere of season 3 of Bounce TV’sOff The Chain.

During her appearance on “NewsOne Now,” Coles told Martin, “I’ve been in the business almost 3o years and to be given a one hour special … is a great thing.”

All that and more in this edition of the NewsOne Now Audio Podcast.