NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: What Would A Victory Look Like In Ferguson?


With the Darren Wilson grand jury verdict coming possibly next week, “NewsOne Now” guest host Jeff Johnson asks the question what would a victory look like in Ferguson. What should the goal be to achieve justice in the shooting death of Michael Brown? An indictment, body cameras on police officers, civilian review board or all of the above?

Joia Jefferson Nuri, Andrew Lee, Yesha Callahan and “NewsOne Now” guest host Jeff Johnson discuss the Center for American Progress‘ report that states the racial achievement gap could cost the United States $2.3 trillion in economic growth by 2050.

From the Center for American Progress:

Our nation is currently experiencing growing levels of income and wealth inequality, which are contributing to longstanding racial and ethnic gaps in education outcomes and other areas. These large gaps, in combination with the significant demographic changes already underway, are threatening the economic future of our country. Thus, closing racial and ethnic gaps is not only key to fulfilling the potential of people of color; it is also crucial to the well-being of our nation. This report quantifies the economic benefits of closing one of the most harmful racial and ethnic gaps: the educational achievement gap that exists between black and Hispanic children and native-born white children.

Joia Jefferson Nuri, CEO of In The Public Eye Communications told Johnson, “I think this is a cultural conversation … Can we be a culture that can put our race divide, our class divide aside enough not to keep moving education until it hurts us.” She also said, “We should all know that if everybody in the family has an education the family makes more money, but are we so racist, are we so classist, that there is a group of people that we just don’t want to help?”

Stokley Williams and Ricky Kinchen of the R&B supergroup Mint Condition stopped by the set of “NewsOne Now” to discuss their new album, “Music At The Speed Of Life,” their national tour and how they have grown as a band.

During their appearance on “NewsOne Now,” Williams and Kinchen told guest host Jeff Johnson the addition of a horn section to their group has taken their music to another level.

Williams explained Prince suggested the group add horns to their ensemble. He went on to say the addition of a horn section is a part of the band’s “natural progression” and it is “… the ultimate musically. It adds so many layers of dimensions sonically.” Kinchen said, “the band continues to grow … every time we step on stage the magic is there and every time we step in the studio the magic is there.”

When it starts getting cold the bachelors and bachelorettes supposedly couple up. This phenomenon, which has been called cuffing season, is defined as a period during the winter months where people who would normally rather be single or promiscuous find themselves desiring to be in a relationship.

Dr. Jeffrey Gardere, LaDawn Black and Michelle Hope joined guest host, Jeff Johnson on “NewsOne Now” to discuss cuffing season, seasonal dating patterns and sexual health.

During the cuffing season discussion Dr. Gardere told Johnson “as human beings we want company. We want someone who is a mate, we want someone who can meet our needs with regard to emotional and physical love and in this case, sex.”

LaDawn Black, relationship expert and radio host said cuffing is “a little bit more sophisticated than friends with benefits and this is a situation where ‘I need you, you need me. We’re going to keep each other warm, we’re going to keep each other company, but it is temporary.’ ”

Sex Educator, Michelle Hope related cuffing season to seasonal dating patters and believes people want to be with someone for the holiday season. She also said we need to think about the public health aspect about this practice. Hope told Johnson, “… if we are limiting our sex partners are we also talking about testing.” She went on to discuss how sexually transmitted infections (STIs) can be spread through cuffing if testing is not part of the discussion.

Kittie Kaboom and Aruba Tommy Bennett joined guest host Jeff Johnson to breakdown all of the craziest stories in the news.

This week’s list of “what the hell” stories includes a man robbing Subway sandwich shops because he did not lose weight like Jared did, a man surfing a dead wale while sharks ate off of the carcass and a 43-year-old woman who tells police she’s 22 and has age-acceleration disease. Then in one of the wildest stories of the week, a man allegedly tries to eat a printed copy of his DWI test.

All that and more in this edition of the NewsOne Now Audio Podcast.