NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: Should President Obama Move Forward With Immigration Reform?


Now that thee  midterm massacre is behind the country we focus on the next political battle, immigration reform. Should President Barack Obama move forward with immigration reform? Should he use an executive order to get it done? Roland Martin takes your calls during the radio portion of “NewsOne Now.”

On Sunday, renowned preacher Dr. Myles Munroe, his wife, Mrs. Ruth Ann Munroe and seven others died in a plane crash  on approach to the island of Grand Bahama.

According to initial reports Dr. Munroe’s plane clipped a crane and exploded in mid-air. Munroe and his wife are survived by their son Chario Munroe. At the time of this broadcast it was unclear if Monroe’s daughter, Charisa, was a passenger on the plane. There were also reports stating that Ambassador Andrew Young was supposed to be traveling with Monroe but he was not on the plane.

Dr. Munroe rose to prominence through his motivational sermons, multiple best-selling books and his church Bahamas Praise Ministries International. He was traveling from Nassau to Freeport, Grand Bahama for the Global Leadership Summit which he helped to organize. Organizers of the summit have said the conference will go on because “it is what Dr. Monroe would have wanted.

Stay tuned to NewsOne Now and  for the latest developments as authorities investigate the fatal air disaster.

Roland Martin, Barbara Arnwine and the “NewsOne Now” Straight Talk panel (Rashard Robinson, Lauren Victoria Burke and Armstrong Williams) look at President Barack Obama’s nomination of Loretta Lynch for Attorney General.

Arnwine summed up Lynch’s qualifications saying, “she has impeccable legal credentials,” is already an advisor to Attorney General Eric Holder and  is a “lawyers laywer.” Arnwine told Martin “it is going to be very hard for anybody to argue against her experience level.”

Arnwine went on to commend Lynch for her temperament and said, “It takes a lot of really smart political diplomacy to be able to function in that role and the fact that she has done terrorism in addition to civil rights … and confronting police brutality and criminal justice. She has a far ranging background in addition to her white collar defense work.”

Dr. Nia Banks joined Roland Martin on “NewsOne Now” for this week’s edition of Fit!Live!Win! to discuss the increasing numbers of Black women having plastic surgery and to demystify plastic surgery in the African American community.

Banks said that most plastic surgeons are not there to “make you caricature of a woman.” She said, ” We’re there to improve on what you already have.” She went on to say that liposuction, post pregnancy tummy tucks, breast lifts, rhinoplasties, eye lifts and Brazilian butt lifts are the top procedures that women of color have been requesting.

Dr. Banks also revealed that she has had “a little work done.” She told Martin she has had fillers put in her cheeks, lower eyelids and botox in her forehead.


Gospel artist J Moss joined Roland Martin on “NewsOne Now” to discuss his new album, “Grown Folks Gospel” and the personal tragedy that inspired him to create the new record.

Moss told Martin that he was a victim of a devastating house fire and watched his “whole entire career go up in flames.” He said  everything that I worked for in the last 15 years or so … was burned down to a crisp.” Moss believes God used this tragic event to prepare him for the audience he would be placed in front of.

Grown Folks Gospel” hits stores on November 24th and you can pre-order the album on iTunes. Moss said if you pre-order the album on iTunes three songs will be unlocked for you immediately.


All that and more in this special edition of the NewsOne Now Audio Podcast.