Few Minorities In Non-Tech Jobs In Silicon Valley, USA TODAY Finds

Source: Jessica Guynn, Paul Overberg, Marco della Cava and Jon Swartz / USA Today

SAN FRANCISCO — In 2014, leading technology companies released data showing they vastly underemploy African Americans and Hispanics. Those groups make up 5% of the companies workforce, compared to 14% nationally.

Company personnel leaders — many with titles such as director of diversity and inclusion — admit they have work to do but often cite a “pipeline problem” as a key factor in their inability to hire more computer scientists of color.

But a USA TODAY analysis of employment documents submitted by Facebook, Google and Yahoo to the federal government reveals that minorities are also sharply underrepresented in non-technical jobs such as sales and administration, with African Americans faring noticeably worse than Hispanics.

For example, Hispanics make up 5% of college-educated officials and managers nationwide, 4% at Yahoo and even less at Facebook and Google. African Americans make up 6% of officials and managers nationally, but 2% or less at these three tech giants.

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