Baltimore Woman, 56, Dies After Delivering Twins She Waited Years For

Source: Meredith Engel / New York Daily News

A gifted Baltimore woman is dead just days after giving birth to twins at age 56.

Lisa Swinton McLaughlin, the medical director for the American Red Cross in Baltimore, spent more than 10 years trying fertility treatments before finally conceiving last year with her husband, Michael. Her pregnancy was mostly uncomplicated, save for gestational diabetes, which her doctors managed, and a blood flow problem that caused her to go on bed rest a month early.

McLaughlin gave birth via Cesarean section on Dec. 27 to two healthy but premature babies: Jordan and Dylan.

The new mom stayed in the hospital for four days after the procedure because the doctors wanted her to have a bowel movement before she went home. She produced a liquid bowel movement that the hospital deemed enough to discharge her.

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  • crown58

    So sad to hear this. As a person like myself (over 55) seems our bodies can’t take what they used to. I guess that word menopause means something. I would have loved to have a baby after 50 also, but my body kept saying NO WAY. But every body is made different and I wish that this beautiful lady would have lived to be with her babies.

    • Rita Coker

      Wow! I thought 35 was bad when I had my last child! It was because I had natural birth and it wasn’t easy! I loss a lot of blood during delivery and was very pale-looking! My last child after that! Wow 56 she was brave! I pray for the family!