The Roland Martin Show: #BlackImagesMatter Podcast


Sil Lai Abrams  domestic violence activist and founder of Truth in Reality joined Roland Martin on “The Roland Martin Show” to discuss the importance of positive Black images as well as how damaging negative images of African Americans are .

What we see in the media, how African Americans are represented in movies, on television and in music matter and make a difference on how people of color view themselves as well as how others view us.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Ernie Suggs joined Martin on “The Roland Martin Show” to analyze the latest drama between the King children. On Friday it was reported that Martin Luther King’s sons dismissed their licensing lawsuit against King Center. Is this the end of the tensions between the King children or is this just a temporary thaw? Suggs and Martin break down all of the details involved in the now defunct legal proceedings on “The Roland Martin Show.”

All that and more in this edition of the ALL NEW “Roland Martin Show” Audio Podcast.

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