Eric Garner’s Family Hasn’t Seen Much Of The Money Crowdfunded For Them

Source: Tina Nguyen / Mediaite

The family of Eric Garner, the man whose death at the hands of police sparked protests nationwide, is dealing with a new problem: The cottage industry of crowdfunding campaigns purportedly raising hundreds of thousands of dollars in the family’s name.

DNAInfo discovered “at least 19″ crowdfunding campaigns on Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, and GoFundMe that claimed that they were raising money to send to Garner’s widow and children. Few were connected to the actual family itself, and the Garners say that they don’t know where the rest of the money is going.

“I feel like people are trying to use my father’s name for their own gain,” his daughter Erica Garner told DNAInfo, adding that she was looking into legal action against the campaigns. “It’s unfortunately a sad situation.”

Some of the campaigns, like one started by the Charlotte Activist Collective, claim that they’re in contact with the family, though members of the Garner family say they do not know the organizers. (They did not respond to attempts to contact them.) Another, which has raised $75,000, was started by a St. Louis book editor who says that the money will go to the family lawyer, Jonathan Moore, after he started getting “bombarded” by Garner relatives looking for the money. “It’s made me very wary of who’s calling me and sending me emails,” Andrew Doty said. “I got these sort of mixed messages… I waited for that confirmation [from Jonathan Moore] and now we’re in the process of getting that money to him.” (Moore had no comment.)

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