Ferrick Asks: Can Anthony Hardy Williams Rely Solely On Black Voters?

Source: Tom Ferrick Jr., / Philly.com

Question 4: Because of the habit of black voters supporting black candidates, doesn’t Sen. Anthony Williams have a lock on the Democratic nomination for mayor?

You might want to ask Lynn Swann about the habits of black voters in Philadelphia. In 2006, Swann — a former Pittsburgh Steelers star and an African American — ran for governor as a Republican and tanked in Philly.

He got the lowest percentage of votes — in black and white wards alike — of any recent Republican, including the much-disliked Tom Corbett.

Swann was running against Gov. Ed Rendell, the former mayor, who was immensely popular in his home base, and that certainly was a factor.

But, you can chalk up Swann’s poor showing to his party trumping his race among the city’s black voters. They have become increasingly Democratic (that’s with a big D) in recent decades.

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