Malcolm X’s Alleged Assassin Hiding In Plain Sight In

Source: Rich Schapiro / New York Daily News

Life is good for Al-Mustafa Shabazz. The 76-year-old ex-con lives in a gated two-story home in one of the nicer neighborhoods in Newark.

He drives a gold Mercedes Benz E-Class sedan. And he’s married to one of the city’s most prominent civic leaders.

But Shabazz has an even better reason to be counting his blessings: He allegedly got away with one of the most notorious murders of the 20th century.

The burly Muslim with the white beard was the chief assassin in the slaying of Malcolm X, according to the author of a Pulitzer Prize-winning biography of the slain civil rights leader.

  • Jeffrey Manderville

    I’m surprise no one has seeked him out?

    • Jay

      Of course h3 got paid from the white people that wanted him dead

      • Charlie

        You must be young. At that time MANY people, white AND black wanted X dead. The guy is a BLACK muslim and Shabazz was young and ideological. Stop playing the race card. Do your homework.

        • Dre

          Charlie… I might not agree with Jay… But This Fictional “RACE CARD” is Dumb !!!! No Such Thing !!!! “RACE” is and has been a REAL factor in America for Centuries !!! We don’t play a “RACE CARD” we Live It !!!

          • Bedrock Dino

            My thing is this u spend half your life in prison but come out owning a home and a Benz how’s that

          • legend

            For all those who consistently whine about black people playing the race card, my question to you is this; how did that card make it into the deck in the first place playa?

          • Jae Sin

            9 out of 10 people crying race is because they need an excuse to point the finger at something/someone else for their own ignorance and or crimes… many black men and women are doing great for themselves… leave racism where it is and don’t bring it into everything because when it truly is about racism no one will believe it because it’s the card most commonly used… heard of crying wolf?

        • mike

          Young but a grown man,we had man young dying back then(even Vietnam).Young is no excuse for cold-blooded murder.If he never implicated anyone higher then you must entertain the thought that he was paid for his silence.

  • Judith Buckner

    I surprised no one retaliated knowing this information! I wonder how he lives with this nightmare knowing he aided in the assasinAction of Malcolm X!

  • Mister Fantastic

    Was this a synopsis or news story? Dam that was brief!

  • RIP Jacka

    Real talk he needs to be dead

    • CodRock Hayes


  • Felicia Hall

    He still do bullshit him and the misses are crooks yeah the house is gated with camera’s and lighr backup its sad because he still looks over his shoulders Vasser Ave is a nice block but little do they know abour their neighbors

  • Andrew Jackson

    Who ever kills him is an Real American hero. People definitely are calling for his head on a silver platter.

    • The Truth

      You sound like the feds insisting that they should kill this brother. Where is real proof that he killed Malcome X? They want to get this brother killed now for some unknown reason by simply claiming that he the alleged assassin and that will get black people to react and try to assasinate this brother. No one knows the truth since we know the gouverment is good at hiding the truth. Why would they say who the killer years later. Something is fishy about this.

  • Andrew Jackson

    A sniper rifle is probably how he will get it.

  • Andrew Jackson

    The CIA was in on that assaination also.

  • JIHAD54

    Muslims are killing gor nothing..his death would be for a purpose, but Allah will have his way with the snakes not only he but all of hus conspirators and even those who wished for the death of our beloved brother Malik (ra) They to will feel the punishment of the fire insha Allah.

  • Andrew Jackson

    Everyone needs to post this article up on their Face book accounts ect. and demand street justice.

    • BigDog

      You want street justice. But you want some else to do it? How you sound? What will that solve.

  • JIHAD54

    I dont think we should keep blaming the CIA for our brothers murder i think we should place blame where it belongs snd that’s with the N.O.I including Farakhan sadly…

    • Ahmad Shaheed

      Jihad54, we should blame you and your white Arab brothers for not holding us down during slavery and actually played apart of selling the ORIGINAL ARAB Africans to Europeans. You in fact if you loved our people so much in the middle east then you would have went to war for us. NOT!

  • Drequan Sheppard

    Why at a time when the Government CIA Ect. was clearly involved and found guilty in some cases of the assassinations of those standing up for the justice and civil rights do we in the instance of Malcolm X choose to accuse one of his own brethren ? And how convenient in time such as this do we find so called “information” such as this surfacing. Wake up people. Our Government/media is feeding us mistruths and lies while using agents such as this black man to do their bidding. In this case black on black violence by a peaceful organization such as the NOI is clearly the agenda.

    • MrSoDope

      But he was killed by his own people tho correct?

      • McCoy’rasta Marley

        Yes he was killed by his own people, but the blue print was mastermind by the government. Wake up

        • MrSoDope

          They couldn’t have done it without the help of of his own people

        • Ahmad Shaheed

          Truue that

  • Desseye

    Its easy to target this brother and wish for his death. Its even easier to blame the Nation of Islam and Farrakhan. That makes weak people feel better. But everyday in our neighborhoods, future Malcolms are being murdered by other brothers in droves. Critcs want this brother killed. But they dont have the balls to target the FBI for their involvement. I guess its easier for the weak to attack this brother, but not the FBI who was clearly implicit in Malcolms and Martins assasinations. Even if members of NOI have a history of killing one Black Man who tried to destroy their leader. The same leadership that made Malcolm Little into one of the most powerful Black leaders in history. Malcolm betrayed. Malcolm went to his enemies..the White man, and turned on his leader. He trained the FOI to detroy anyone that tries to harm Elijah Muhammad. And then once he betrays him, the chickens certainly came home to roost. The intelligent would call a man like Malcolm a Benedict Arnold. Imagine the Vice President turning on Obama. That would be considered treason. But there are those who are foollish enough to love the fruit, but not love the tree, that produced the fruit. And most of these haters were not even born at that time. Silly! When members of the Black Church, Bloods and Crips, and the USA have a history of killing masses of Black men. You want to cowardly target this brother. Let me know when these cowardly critics have the manhood, not to talk talk or gossip like women, but take action in killing the Bloods and the Crips, the FBI, the Black Church, and White people in general, for all they have done..instead of being silly little armchair revolutionaries, and targeting this brother. His deah might make you feel mighty. But the deaths of the hundreds of Malcolms being killed by our own, law enforcement and by other means, saids alot about how serious we are in solving the problem. I thought reasonable people believed that once a felondoes his time and pays for his crime, he shouldnt be judged any further. He served his time, he paid the price. Black men are constantly doing their time for a crime they committed and are always judged after the fact. And here we are doing it again. We got to grow out of this silly boyhood into men. it starts now

    • Sean

      Desseye STFU!!! Malcolm x was one of the only good brothers we had. Malcolm x never betrayed anybody. It was the nation of Islam who betrayed black people by swimming in their own jealously and listening to government informants. Now look at the noise today. God has cursed them for trespassing and killing a god sent prophet.

      • djpoole

        Thank you for telling HN desseye to stfu. This will go down as one of the GREATEST travesty in history. The Nation of Islam allowed themselves to be hoodwinked into killing one of the GREATEST Marty’s of all time.

      • Ahmad Shaheed

        Sean you are totally incorrect. Malcolm was kicked out for a period of time for disobeying the Messengers instructions with the media. He seen the media manipulating Malcolm and was protecting him. Malcolm, out disappointment started to slander because he was hurt. There is not recorded proof of you alleged accusations and besides that all of his wives were grown women. There is Video on youtube to validate what I am saying.

        I get tired of you doctor suess mother goose Nationalist, so called Muslim agents from the government who refuse to study. I guess that is part of your job?

  • Daryle AtlanticCity Webb

    Im not going to get into the hysteria of wanting to harm this man… nor will I get drawn into the false dichotomy of black on black violence argument, just know that after the killing of Malcolm X, investigations and research have led to the balistics tests of the shells and guns left at the crime scene were strace back to the FBI… Now how brave are you?..

    • educatedfool

      Good one brother. you have to understand though that most of these coons on here screaming and howling are just uneducated fools with a key board to tap on. Malcolm is the best leader ( besides Marcus Garvey) that we had. but history tells us that Malcolm’s death lays at the doorsteps of the United States of Amerikkka, via the FBI . Cointelpro you idiots. I don’t care if he was the actual gunman , he was just a pawn in a game played by the elites of this horrific country .

  • swiss

    Like to know how much money the FBI pay him???? He living good now?

    • Ahmad Shaheed

      Say that again!

  • Ryan Dantzler

    FYI… Elijah Muhammad wasn’t a prophet at all… If the nation of Islam believes that, then none of them are Muslim! Islams believes the Prophet Muhammed (not Elijah) was the last n final prohet so the NOI is blasphemy period! Malcolm Shabazz went over seas n learned real Islam, Elijah didn’t want his self made blasphemy exposed n got that good brother killed! But Allah will settle all affairs on the day of judgment and Malcolm’s killers will be punished n Elijah will be punished for his blasphemy n shirk, Insha’Allah!

  • Gator

    Brothers and sisters we as a people need to get rid of the street justice mentality. What good is it for us to harm this brother? We can’t bring brother X back. Both we as a people must remember his reaching and continue to strive on. And stop being entertainment for the rest of the world, by killing each other, fighting and posting it on the internet. You see how scared they are when we band together for a cause. Let’s continue to band and prove Black Lives Do Matter! by showing we respect and believe this!

  • Andrew Jackson

    He is said to hang out daily at
    First Class Champ Development Center
    Phone # (973) 318 7013
    Out of RESPECT for all our past black leaders and Malcolm, a phone call should be made to this center and inquire ad to why would a murderer of Malcolm X be allowed to hang out here if this is true.

  • Andrew Jackson

    His name was changed from William Bradley to Al Shabazz and he shot Malcolm with a sawed off shot gun.

  • Andrew Jackson


    • Mr.Mista

      Why would you get street justice for something that happened almost 50 years ago,when you have George Zimmerman walking around here who killed Travon a few years ago.

  • Andrew Jackson

    His head needs to be on a SILVER PLATTER.

  • J

    Am I missing something? Are there like 5 pages missing from this story? Is it really just “here’s the guy who shot Malcolm X” with nothing to support that statement besides “according to the author of a Pulitzer Prize-winning biography…”? Who is this author? What’s the name of the book? How does he know this guy killed Malcolm X? WTF?

  • Bruce Lee R

    Hes not a Muslim.

    • Ahmad Shaheed

      true that!

  • LetGo LetGod

    Is that all there is to this story? You could have kept this little tidbit of half-baked information to yourself.

    • MonaLisa

      Right lol!

    • Coolstan

      Ditto for me!

  • jacob v

    Malcolm X was murdered by… Santa Clause?

  • Dee Mabrey
  • Just-Ice

    Most of you are sheep with know no common knowledge of even yourselves. Sad…..they print this, and you believe anything. And to the brother speaking of “Street Justice”, you are a fool as well. Wouldn’t crush a grape I am sure. “They” want his head? Who?? what is this nonsense you speak? #knowledgeisthenewmoney Read a book,,,, Be relevant……Be the change

  • Abdur-Rahman Muhammad

    You have to click on the link to the Daily News story above to get the full story. I am the scholar who first made this revelation in 2010, and worked closely with Dr. Manning Marable in preparation for his book, Malcolm X, a Life of Reinvention. There is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that this man fired the shotgun that took brother Malcolm’s life, it has been thoroughly researched and well known in Newark, N.J for decades. Now what are we going to do it? We must call for the New York District Attorney to reopen the investigation.


    Here is a video of the killer and his wife


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