NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: Those Freaky Photos You Sent Could Go Public


Beware Of Revenge Porn, Those Photos And Videos You Sent Could Go Public

A San Diego court shutdown a revenge porn site being run by 28-year-old Kevin Bollaert.

According to CBS News, Bollaert was convicted of 27 felony charges including identity theft and extortion.

The former revenge porn site operator, now faces up to 20 years in prison for his crimes. Despite Bollert’s site being taken down, there are tons of other web sites dedicated to the same type of illicit content.

With the increase in popularity of smartphones and mobile devices, couples are sending risqué photos and video to one another. But what happens when a relationship ends and those private photos/videos are shared on a revenge porn site?

Roland Martin and the “NewsOne Now” Straight Talk panel discuss the privacy as well as legal issues surrounding revenge porn websites and your right to privacy.

“NewsOne Now” panelist Monique Pressley told Martin, “The desire to share intimate photos is not anything new.” She added, “In Elizabethan times the man of the house would get the nude portrait of his new bride and it would be someplace private. So the problem now is nothing is private.”

“From a legal standpoint, if you ever hope to do anything with your career, if you ever hope to be in government service, if you ever just care that you don’t want that picture of your backside shown to the world, then you can’t put it on a cell phone, you can’t put it on e-mail.”

Martin asked if a woman takes a nude photo and sends it to her husband, does she have a right to privacy or does it become the property of her husband?

Pressley responded. “You have a right to privacy claim.” She continued, if the image is used for a purpose other than what the two parties initially intended — as in the instance of extortion or blackmail — it is considered a crime.

Pressley also stated if you have an expectation that you are being blackmailed and have an expectation that a crime is being committed against you, by the time your image is out, it is on the internet for all to see.

“So it’s not really a fact if you can get money back or not, you can never return your image. And once it’s out in one place shutting it down is impossible.”

According to Pressley, if people acquire your image as a result of someone else’s wrong and have not procured the photo/video in an illegal manner you have no legal recourse against them.

Operation Hope: EDA Supplying Funds To Assist Small Businesses

In the current economic climate we are seeing more individuals becoming entrepreneurs and starting their own businesses as opposed to relying on public sector jobs or corporate America.

In the African American community there are nearly 2 million small businesses and 1.1 million of those businesses are owned by Black women.

On Tuesday, Jay Williams of the Economic Development Administration (EDA) stopped by “NewsOne Now” to discuss the $2.5 million in grants awarded to Operation Hope to help minority owned small businesses across nine states and Washington D.C.


… the Department’s Economic Development Administration (EDA) is awarding more than $2.5 million in grants to support the implementation of the HOPE Inside Small Business Empowerment Initiative (SBEI) to assist small business owners in nine states and the District of Columbia. According to the grantee, SBEI intends to graduate 600 entrepreneurs from a training program, educate 6,000 participants through their Small Business Workshops, create 600 small businesses, enroll 4,500 participants in credit and money management and provide technical assistance to 3,000 small business owners during the grant period.

The EDA is a bureau of the Department of Commerce and is the only agency charged with “explicitly facilitating economic opportunity in distressed communities across America.”

Williams told Martin that EDA invests in non-profits and works with local government officials to help create conditions on the ground where those individuals who wish to become entrepreneurs can receive proper training, obtain access to capital and get the technical assistance as well as counseling to help them become successful business owners.

Williams stated the EDA makes investments in business incubators and business accelerators. “Our investments go to entities that are on the ground working with those businesses whether they be start-ups or ongoing businesses,” said Williams.

Williams explained individuals who are looking for assistance with starting a small business should contact a local entity that EDA currently supports. The EDA works closely with the MBDA (Minority Business Development Administration) and has development offices across the country to assist potential minority business owners.

Dick Gregory Honored With Star On Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Legendary actor, comedian and civil rights activist Dick Gregory was presented with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Monday.

The Walk of Fame ceremony honoring Gregory fell on his 56th wedding anniversary with longtime wife Lillian Gregory .

During the festivities Gregory told attendees, “It was Black folks that made me when I was trying to be funny. Black folks was paying $.35 for a bottle of beer and they listened to me until they pushed me all the way downtown where they couldn’t afford to come see me.”

“I have no choice but to give back.”

All that and more in this edition of the NewsOne Now Audio Podcast.