Eva Moskowitz: Charter Schools Are The Only Hope For High-Quality Education In New York City


Source: Eva Moskowitz / New York Daily News

As founder of Success Academy Charter Schools, I know firsthand the depth of the education crisis in New York City. It is exactly what prompted me to open Success Academy nine years ago — after conducting more than 100 hearings as chair of the City Council Education Committee, I was painfully aware of how badly our schools were failing our city’s children.

The Daily News series only proves that the failures of two decades ago persist today. Unfortunately for the 143,000 kids trapped in severely failing schools, the system is so broken that the solution cannot come from within. For many families, the only hope is a high-quality public charter school.

For children to succeed academically, they need strong, effective teachers and a robust curriculum that challenges them to excel. They need to know that the adults around them have high expectations for them. They need to believe they can succeed academically.

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